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Monday, June 6, 2011

What do we live for?

I went on a walk today. Felt so great to be outside, around trees, wild life, Lakes, fresh air.
It was amazing i felt so in tune with everything around me. It Got me thinking on so many things, About who i am?, why am i like this? and the Big one What am i doing?

I know we all say we need to "Live for jesus" that we are " More that conquers."
When i think about those things it always feels good , but deep down i really don't even understand what those things actually mean.

So i guess i just want to ask what allot of us are afraid to ask
What are we living for? I am just going to explain what i feel God has been teaching me.
Please take it with a grain of salt, This is one dude sharing his heart. Thats it.

God has known u for a long time. Before time itself. (pause and think)
There is 4 billion people on this planet 1 you.
God says that you are over animals, sickness. Even mountains!
He says you have been set apart. He says that you are made like him.
He is pretty much saying He thinks your pretty freaking awesome!

God wants you to be you. Wants you to know your gifts.
I think thats hard to do now a days because everyone is trying to tell you who to be.
"A good christian looks like _____"
"A Good person does ______"
"Your cool if you do ______"
It can get pretty confusing

I know everyone has great intentions , but i fear we are hiding what makes us so special.
Our personalities, our gifts, Our voice.
Dont be afraid to be you.
If your quiet , loud , smart , artistic, a dancer, musician , teacher, mom ,
Whatever it is feel free to embrace it and to use it.

Love people.
Love how God made you
You have a purpose
Dont waste it.


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